Lab: Raining cats and dogs

Lab originally started as a five, referring to themselves as a gang in a comics book, with four dogs and one cat in the gang.

The she in the gang would be the singer, since she couldn't play any instruments. The guys had all chosen an instrument to their liking: Masa, the strongest one, had picked the drums. The resourceful-natured Pekka, also called Splendid, wrote all the songs and played the guitar. Johannes also wanted to play the guitar. So that's what he did. Kirka had chosen the bass to kick and terrorize: it was a cool and rough instrument that wouldn't break that easily.

The five kept a messy and dusty rehearsal studio, and raised eyebrows of "real" rock-people, when rehearsing at times, at 9 am on a Saturday morning, without anyone even being hung-over. Lab also wrote and released three albums of fairly noisy music: "Porn Beautiful", "Devil is a Girl" and "Where Heaven ends".

Then came the cranky time. Ana the cat was cranky. Pekka was cranky, even if he was Splendid. That really made Kirka cranky. Masa swallowed crankiness until he was veeeeeery cranky. Then Johannes got pissed.

The gang split up. Masa, Johannes, and Kirka went looking for a life. They obviously found something since they are not that cranky anymore.

Pekka and Ana had to stop moping eventually, since there are so many tempting songs waiting to be written. Today, Lab is 50% feline, 50% canine, and 100% lefthanded. With all the ingredients of a catastrophy present, music flows again, and life in Lab is satisfactory.


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